Tronixpro Virtuoso Air 5000

Tronixpro Virtuoso Air 5000


Product Details

– LIGHTWEIGHT: A lightweight but strong graphite body coupled with a cage-style spool built in a honeycomb structure that dramatically reduces weight while maintaining strength.
– VIRTUOSO COMPATIBLE: Works with all other Tronixpro Virtuoso Spools allowing you the best of both worlds, using either the lightweight Air spool or the other spools in the range depending on your situation.
– SALTWATER USE: Virtuoso reels have been designed for saltwater use. They feature graphite bodies and stainless-steel bearings which are corrosion resistant and saltwater proof.
– POWERFUL DRAG & PERFECT LINE LAY: A precise, micro-adjustable drag to suit the conditions and intended catch. A slow oscillation system that improves line lay and promotes line efficiency during the cast for longer distances.
– INCLUDED: Comes in both 5000 and 8000 sizes. Spools come with Tronixpro Spool Bands and reels come with a Tronixpro cloth bag.

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